Tuesday, April 13, 2010


Are you a visual learner? Are you socially engaging? Do you LOVE weddings? Do you dream of doing something more creative with your life? Do you feel like the universe has bigger plans for you to help you realize your dreams and talent? If you feel like you have a lot of creative potential are dependable and hard-working, and did we say LOVE weddings, then this may be the job for you.

Blueberry Photography is looking for a new assistant. This is both a paid/unpaid internship position which will last through our 2010 wedding season with the potential to grow. We want to enforce that this is NOT a camera shooter position, but an assistants job which requires hours of hard work assisting our lead photographers on the job.

"Amanda why aren't you blogging?!"

I cringe every time I hear that question right now because I would LOVE to be blogging, but the fact is that I have more work than time. If I have to choose between preparing images for a client, corresponding with press, or updating my blog for readers, than I'm going to take care of getting images to those clients and publications who are counting on me. Putting it plainly, I need an extra hand. I need to find that person who wants to learn what it's like behind-the-scenes as a working photographer inside and out. My business has been growing EXPONENTIALLY and this would be a very exciting time for someone who wants to learn what it's like to run a wedding photography business!

So many people think that taking wedding photos is such a glamorous job. It's not. We don't just show up, and snap magic and go... A LOT goes into making images gorgeous AFTER they've been captured and I'm happy to help someone learn that, as long as they are willing to commit to giving me 5-10 hours a week for 6 months. I would essentially be training someone - YOU - to produce high quality imagery both behind the scenes and in-camera- since it all starts with a deep understanding of light, composition, framing, and technical knowledge. If I can find that special intern who is so awesome that I can't imagine my life without them, than I may hire them to continue working for me after the internship is over. If you need an internship for college credits, I'm happy to work with your instructors to provide the necessary documentation to count this as your internship.

Here is the core of the behind-the-scenes skills you'll be learning on the job, in real life client situations:

-Image editing: Learning the how, what, and why of editing down to the best work possible.
-Color correction: Learning how to see colors, evaluate light & shadow balance to bring out the best in an image.
-Data management: Protecting and managing data with multiple back-up storage systems as well as system management.
-Products & Albums: The In's and Out's of choosing products, designing albums, and selling products.
-Promotion: Preparing images for multiple social media sites, copyright, learning the do's and don'ts of social media and presentation as well as marketing.
-Camera Technique: Why and when of lens choices, camera modes, as well as lighting on and off camera.

As if that weren't enough... You'll be gaining real life experience in working with real brides and grooms on their wedding days. This means everything from helping the bride step out of the limo, fluffing her dress for the shoots, carrying photography equipment indoors and outdoors, to making the flower girl laugh! We need an assistant with a happy, easy going personality who is responsible and dependable and able to commit.


-You must be enrolled in or a recent graduate from a photography program within a university or college.
- Weekends are a must. You must be available to work on Saturdays and some Sundays.
- Be available 5-10 daytime hours a week. There is some flexibility with your hours here.
- Must be able to be on your feet for 8 hours a day and easily lift a minimum of 20 pounds.
- Have reliable personal transportation.

Interested? Do you know of someone who can make a 6 month commitment for 5-10 hours per week? If they can make their way to Emeryville, CA 1-2 days a week (5 hours per day) and don't mind working from my home office with a dangerously cute weiner dog, please share this post with them and have them contact me by phone to set up an in-person meeting.

I'll be conducting all interviews April 15th-28th. I have 10 hours a week (2 days a week for 5 hours per day) to give to 1 intern. The most important thing to me is that you're a person who is genuinely interested in learning about photography and that you like being helpful wherever there's a need. There are extra perks to the job, which will be a lovely surprise for whoever ends up being a good fit, but first and foremost I need people who are willing to put in some good work in exchange for valuable knowledge and experience!

Note: I will NOT answer all email requests for internships. You must have the physical ability to call my voicemail and leave a message! Please call me at 510.717.3519.

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Amanda Lock Photography Blog said...

Agh- if only I didn't have two babies, and was enrolled in a photography college course! What a great opportunity for someone... :)