Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Oakland Catherdral of Christ the Light Wedding Photography| Son & Thuy

Son and Thuy's wedding was one of the most fun events that I've photographed! It was such a great mix of traditional and modern.

The day began at the Thuy's parent's house, where Son and his family arrived with gifts to ask permission to receive the bride, a very important part of Vietnamese tradition. It marks the official moment that Thuy's parents give their daughter away to her groom. When Son first saw Thuy in her beautiful orange Áo dài dress, he began to cry. It was so emotional and sweet! You could tell how happy he was to be marrying her. After the meeting, they pour their parents cups of tea and the parents in turn give advice about marriage and family.

The ceremony was held at the Oakland Cathedral of Christ the Light which is an enormous, breathtaking Catholic church. Where most Catholic churches are closed, this church interior shines with natural light.

The reception was at the Asian Pearl Restaurant in Fremont where the real celebration was to begin! While Thuy and Son were in the middle of their first dance together, the music changed and the wedding party jumped up and they all started doing a choreographed dance together. Everyone was laughing! The dancing only got more and more exciting as the night went on.

A bottle of Hennessy at each table and an open bar kept the party going all night!

Her cathedral veil was so long and stunning, especially when it was blowing in the wind.

I love the unique and colorful bouquet of yellow calla lilies and monkey tails! Also, the bridesmaid dresses were the same texture of Thuy's gown. Such a great idea!

When we tried to go downstairs next to the cathedral, but it created a wind tunnel and almost took off Thuy's veil!

These two photographs were taken at the beautiful Lake Merrit in Oakland at the Lake Chalet Restaurant.

These were taken at the Piedmont Community Hall which is such a great place to take photograph because it has such a gorgeous park and you don't have to hike to get to all the wonderful trees!

I love the natural light shining through the trees.

Can you believe that this Asian Pearl, a chinese food restaurant!? Decorated with big white drapes and purple uplighting, it looks absolutely regal!

Giant champagne glasses! This couple knows how to celebrate!

Isn't her short reception dress just adorable?

They had so much fun, they stole my assistant and brought her onto the dance floor!

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