Friday, June 10, 2011

Best Maui Surf Instructor -Zack Howard Surf - Maui Family Portrait Photography | Zack & Sarah

Maui was amazing. There is no other destination like it in the world. I'm eager to share with you one of the best highlights of my trip ~ surf lessons with Zack Howard!

Years ago, I tried surfing, but after a bad accident that put me in the ER, I've been too scared to try it again.
It's taken me years to build up enough confidence to even attempt another lesson. Zack helped me tackle my fears and was the most incredible teacher. His patience and positive feedback really put me at ease, not to mention he's been a lifeguard for 10+ years. I felt so safe within his company, and he let me work at my own pace. One lesson turned into five... Just like that!

After getting to know Zack during our early morning lessons, it became clear to me just how much his family means to him. I heard so many wonderful stories about his wife and children, which just made me want to meet them more. Did I mention he's a world famous surf legend? One of the evenings before I departed Maui, we decided to meet for a casual family portrait on Paia Beach where Zack and his wife Sarah were married. The kids were amazing and the sunset was perfect, and everything made for a dream photo session. I love it when this happens because it just feels so effortless. There is a natural beauty in their smiles... They are one stunning family. It literally took my breath away in the editing room!

If you are looking for an amazing private or group surf instructor in Maui, I guarantee you will not find anyone better than Zack Howard.
Mahalo, Zack for breaking my fear of the waves. I can't wait to return to the island... I'm counting the days!

Best Maui Surf Lessons - Zack Howard Surf

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Beatrice said...

Hi Amanda! Awesome pics as usual! LOVE the one where dad is throwing his little girl into the air.
Glad to hear you survived surfing...I really should try it out one day but I'm afraid of little tropical fish nibbling on me.

Learn to surf said...

I've been working out 5x per week for 8+months now, so I am already very defined in the arms, the weird thing is that even though I routinely lift 15lb dumb bells I find paddling into the waves extremely tough and struggle to get the speed I need while spindley little kids have no such problems. I am wondering if perhaps I am just really tired from all the weight training or I just don't have the technique down. That's what I like about surfing though, there is always something to learn. I'll be a beginner Learn to surf