Thursday, June 21, 2012

East Bay Bridal Shower Photography | Claudia & Raul

You may have been to a bridal shower or two before, but I can almost guarantee you haven't been to one like this! Over one hundred ladies were in attendance, all bearing armfuls of gifts. Claudia's soon to be mother in law put it all together, from hiring the catering company to putting together the gorgeous and fun centerpieces. I just love the use of the wedding shoe as a flower holder! And take a look at the cake that they got Claudia! So fun! Her soon to be sister in law put in a helping hand, too, and made all the pom poms hanging from the umbrellas and sorted out all the games to be played.

Everyone there was so friendly and welcoming and having a great time. They played games like bridal bingo, ate treats from the massive dessert table and literally spent over an hour laughing as Claudia and her fiance Raul opened up their gifts. They totaled up with 5 waffle irons 4 coffee makers and lots and lots of drinking glasses.

Congratulations Claudia and Raul!

I am so in love with Claudia's BCBG dress and all it's wonderful ruffles! Not to mention, how beautiful Claudia is as well as her soon to be mother-in-law's house!

All the beautiful bridesmaids!

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