Tuesday, July 10, 2012

San Francisco City Hall Wedding Photography | Tamara & Victor

San Francisco City Hall is always such a wonderful place for a wedding! I was lucky enough to be able to photograph Tamara and Victor's ceremony there last month and I have been so eager to be able to show you their photos! Both of them were so trusting and let me direct them all over the place which made for a wonderful session. Tamara wore an absolutely stunning Vera Wang gown, paired with a black sash and shoes, making her the epitome of classic elegance. Her mom styled her hair, which I thought was so sweet and lovely! They were surrounded by their loved ones, all of whom couldn't be happier for the couple.

Before selecting the date for her wedding, Tamara asked me what time is usually best for scheduling the ceremony in order to try and avoid the crowds. Such a great question! I told her either the earliest appointment or the latest. She decided to choose the earliest which was fantastic because we were actually able to get photos of them on the amazing staircase without a single person in the background!

Congratulations Tamara and Victor!


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Josie said...

Wow! These photos are just amazing! Congratulations again on such a beautiful wedding! You two look so sweet together and like you were made for each other!

Tamara, you look absolutely stunning...that is such a beautiful dress and I love your hairstyle!

I am just in awe with these pictures! The venue is beautiful and you two look so awesome!


Lila said...

What a gorgeous couple! And what a beautiful dress...it's exquisitely elegant with its delicate lace. The venue is amazing too. Lovely couple, classic shots!

Eric law said...

Hi Admin,

This collection is starkly beautiful. It fully conveys the emotions within each photograph. There is a certain cohesiveness within the collection. It is truly inspiring and artistic.

San Francisco City Hall Wedding Photographer

Eric law said...

Hi Admin,

Great work taking such amazingly crisp and neat photographs. I really like how you managed to bring out the subject and your choice of background. This really showcases your skill with the camera. More power to you!

San Francisco City Hall Photography