Thursday, September 18, 2014

Flora Grubb Gardens & Fort Funston SF Engagement Photography | Mai & Phu

Mai and Phu are one of the most dedicated couples that I have ever met. They are photographers themselves and went above and beyond to find the perfect locations for their engagement session. They spent their free times on weekends scouting locations and I am so glad they did because they found some amazing spots!

The first location they decided on was a spot in San Francisco called Flora Grubb Gardens and it was an incredible pick! Some of the treasures there included vintage cars and bicycles, succulent wall planters, rustic doors and colorful chairs hanging on walls. I had the hardest time leaving to go to our next locations because I just wanted to keep shooting! It was a photographer's dream.

Once I pried myself away from Flora Grubb Gardens, we headed over to Fort Funston National Park. We trekked down the very step trail to the beach where I finally witnessed my first, San Francisco sunset since July. That's right, no clouds and the fog was nowhere to be seen. It was beautiful! Of course, just because the sun was out, didn't mean in was warm! Mai was such a trooper, running around on the beach and getting her legs wet in the waves. She was just so dedicated and wanted the perfect photos. That's my kind of lady!

Returning back to the top of the hill was a real battle. It was a vertical climb, but Phu and Mai were in such a good shape, they managed to carry all the props up and still made it to the top before me! The last photo we took was one of my favorites from the session. You can see the beautiful coastline during twilight time and you can also see just how far we had to walk down and up to get the perfect photos. It was well worth it!

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