Tuesday, May 5, 2015

Half Moon Bay Ritz Carlton Marriage Proposal Photography | Annie &Bernie

There is no greater joy than witnessing the utter and unabashed happiness of your family and close friends. This surprise proposal was just that for me.  Annie has been a longtime friends of mine from my UC Santa Barbara days and I have gotten to know Bernie through the years as Annie’s other half.  These two are an absolute perfect match for each other and oh their love, their love is so refreshingly real, honest and pure, without any pretensions or fluff, you know, the kind of love that endures. And Bernie’s proposal, well, it was the perfect reflection of this honest love. Just the two of them, a weekend beach giveaway no extravagant fanfare, just a simple question, a beautiful setting and heartfelt joy.  

I especially love the photo of them high-fiving each other because it is such an accurate reflection of their relationship.  Definitely not a typical shot you’d see during a proposal but one that really shows the goofy and supportive nature of their relationship.

I have always loved being a part of surprise proposals and well when it’s that of your close friend, it really doesn’t get much better! Thank you for allowing me to be part of this special moment  and a HUGE congrats to my good friends, Annie and Bernie!

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