Thursday, March 26, 2015

Berkeley Six Month Baby Portrait Photography Session | Baby James

I must warn you that this next post is guaranteed to put a gigantic smile on even the most serious of faces. Baby James is one of the cutest babies I have ever photographed! It is nearly impossible to take a bad photo of such a heart breaker and his big, brown eyes. With Kate and Walker as parents, I should have expected nothing less! I am in love with the photos of this cuddle bug in bed with Kate, and well, every other photo, too. The sweetness between him and his pup/big sister is heartwarming and I am so glad we were able to capture the duo on camera.


Matthias said...

I love everything about the way you shot this Amanda! Keep doing amazing things!

Darroch Greer said...

That's about the best looking baby and parents I've ever seen captured on film! Congratulations to the family and the photographer!
Darroch and Stephanie