Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Los Gatos Family Portrait Session | Julie, Jeff, and Eli

Here is another session from one of my favorite families to work with! Julie and Jeff really wanted to capture Eli in his second year and I am so glad we did! While photographing two year olds is usually a challenge (and a workout!), we were able to make it fun by letting Eli do his thing, which more often than not, is running at full speed in every which direction. There is something magical about being able to capture a family as they are rather than in a studio setting where it's easy for photos to look a little stiff. By allowing Eli to run and climb, we captured some great expressions from both him and his parents. We did eventually realize that if we put Eli in the tall grass, it seemed to be like a gate surrounding him, and he would stand just where we left him. What a cutie pie!

I already cannot wait for our next session together!

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